Day-Old Chicken Vehicle – Over 8 Tons

The poultry industry in Vietnam is growing rapidly, contributing significantly to the rapid change in the current agricultural production structure. To meet the increasing population and consumer demand, the method of transporting chicks also needs to apply many advanced technologies. Therefore, Quyen Auto has launched a line of specialized chick transport trucks (Day-Old Chick Vehicle).

Poultry farming in general and chicken farming in particular not only focus on good breed quality but also pay attention to transporting and ensuring the safety of the whole flock to the farm. The time to transport newly-hatched chicks from the hatchery to the farm can take up to several days, which can bring much energy waste. If the process of transporting chicks is poorly done, the growth rate and health status of the whole flock will be seriously affected.

Therefore, we have designed and manufactured a specialized line of day-old chick vehicles with an air convection cooling system and a closed air filter system for the whole truck. So as to easily control heating or cooling temperature, monitor air density, humidity, Oxygen, and CO2. In addition, Auto Quyen always has detailed backup plans in case the system does not work or the function failure, ensuring the health and safety of the chicks throughout the entire driving process.

With more than 40 years of experience in automotive mechanics, the quality control system meets ISO 9001 – 2015 standards. Quyen Auto ensures that the specialized Day-old Chicken Vehicles are all quality checked and tested in order to complete the final mission of delivering the highest quality chickens to our dear customers.


  • Easy to function  
  • Easy for maintenance
  • High-quality product 
  • Optimized price