Depending on different needs of transportation and storage temperature of the product, you will need to choose the right type of truck body, refrigeration unit and the right capacity of the unit to save costs.

(Ex: refrigerated cargo needs a temperature of -18 to -20 degrees C, vegetables and fruits need a temperature of +5 to +15 degrees C, …)

A suitable type of truck body will too optimize transportation a lot:

  • Refrigerated Body: frozen seafood, pork, frozen poultry, items that need refrigeration during transportation …
  • Insulated Body: live seafood pumpingrunning oxygen, frozen seafood, carrying ice, frozen goods …
  • Dry Freight Body: dry cargo, packaging, plastic goods, goods without high humidity, etc.
  • Designed Truck Body: specialized-use vehicles for customers, such as: mobile vans, bat-vans, trucks with lifting devices, VAN trucks, milk-carrying cisterns, research vehicles for research, mobile home …

The items in the standard truck body equipped by Quyen Auto at no additional cost:

  • Mudguard
  • Side guard
  • Barrier
  • Anti-slip floor
  • Front, rear lights and ceiling lights
  • Registration certificate from Vietnam Register Department

Additional accessories (additional cost): Tank cover, airbag cover, side signal light, automatic exhaust cup (airbag), ladder + baga cabin, movable partition, fixed partition , Oxygen support system, PVC curtain, air lock in the tank, cargo stoppers, cabin protection panels, and other special requirements, …

When purchasing a design that is already Type Approval certificated, Quyen Auto will able to shorten the time completing the profile, therefore delivering to you faster. Additionally, These designs have been optimally calculated to maximize: load capacity, truck body size, aesthetics, road conditions, regulations, and more. Therefore, aside from special needs, customers should use the Type Approval certificated truck body, designed by Quyen Auto for the highest efficiency.

If you do need to make a special adjustment, it would extend the shipping time (additionally 30-45 days). for the new design need to be approved, or making adjustments to the old design. For a special design body, there will be additional design costs depending on customer requests.

Customers need to provide images of the registry, Quyen Auto’s technical department will calculate and report the result:

  • If the sizes and weight are within the tolerance, it can be replaced without the need of a renovation record.
  • If the size and weight exceed the allowed tolerance, a renovation record is needed before replacing the body.

Due to the increasingly complex situation of forging the trademark of Quyen Auto, we will only sell accessories to the official customers of Quyen Auto, and only when provided all the following information:

  • Customer code
  • Photo of the Etiket (bottom rear door)
  • Photo of the part that needed to be replaced.

We will then sell the replacement part to customers.

The whole process is divided into 2 main phases:

– The time to produce the truck body

– The time to complete the registration procedure for the vehicle.

  1. For the vehicle that already had a DEISGN registration document: the process takes around 30 days: 15 days to produce the truck body + 15 days to register for the vehicle license.
  2. For the vehicle that needs to have a new DESIGN registration document: the process takes between 45 to 60 days. It includes 15 days to produce the truck body + 30 – 45 days for the Registration Department to approve the Vehicle Registration Documents and License.

*Note: The vehicle registration procedures may be prolonged due to changes in new regulations of the General Department of Transportation, so it is noted that this time is not included in the contract.

Yes, you can. If the measurement still meet the requirements of the Vietnam Register, it is possible to consider recalculating to customer’s reference. However, aside from special individual needs, we highly recommend customers to use the standards design by Quyen Auto for maximal efficiency.

Yes, with additional charge, customers can choose the color of the truck body and refrigerator unit however liked.

  • The embossed logo “QUYEN AUTO” mounted on the corners on the 2 sides and rear doors.
  • Etiket attached to the lower right corner of the rear door.
  • All parts are designed exclusively by Quyen Auto, so the Logo “QUYEN AUTO” is always engraved/embossed on the surface of most parts (Ex: corner cover, rear door handle, mud guard, …).
  • Thoughly read the user manual and the warranty book to use the truck body correctly, so that it increases the lifespan of the product and maintains the quality of goods being transported.
  • Do maintenance periodically according to the warranty book.
  • Call the hotline numbers on the warranty book immediately when having problems with the air conditioning or truck body for help.
  • Do not self-repair, self-tunning the refrigeration unit and truck body to avoid further damage.

There are three types of loans to be determined:

  • Financial subscribers (3-party contract): for individual and corporate customers
  • Unsecured Loan: Personal loan
  • Credit Loans: Corporate customers

In addition, our company associates with many well-known banks, thereby offering flexible banking to suit your needs.

Every maintenance and repair are done at Quyen Auto Factory – Branch of Ben Luc Address: No. 550 Hamlet 4, Tan Buu Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province. Customers can register for maintenance service online via the registration link.

In the near future, Quyen Auto is expanding our maintenance and repair stations to reach all 3 Vietnamese regions (the North – the Middle – the South) so as to bring more satisfaction to our dear customers.  All new announcements will be made publicly on our website.

In order to ensure the warranty benefits and durability of the box truck body and refrigeration unit, customers MUST PAY ATTENTION to these following issues:

1. Thoroughly read the user manual to know how to correctly use and increase the durability and longevity of the refrigeration unit.

2. Adjust the engine speed to ~ 1000 rpm when operating the refrigeration unit (for truck engine powered unit) to ensure the stability of the truck engine and the durability of the refrigeration unit.

3. Regularly check the belt tension of the air compressor (press the belt, it should not stretch over 10mm ).

4. Regularly check the overall stability when operating the refrigeration unit (there should be no abnormal cries, no loosen nuts, the gas pipes, the power lines, the fans,… should operate normally).

5. Regularly clean the truck body with clean water to increase the durability of the car body materials. Do not use cleaning chemicals as this may cause corrosion of the body parts. The good practice of periodically clean the body also helps the goods to ensure food safety.

6. Regularly clean the condenser with clean water and a soft brush to increase the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Absolutely do not use high pressure water jets when cleaning the air conditioner heater as this may damage internal aluminum components. The good practice of periodically clean the Condenser also helps to work with maximal power and save fuel.

7. For truck models using 12V electricity: due to the small electrical capacity, it is often to have a battery power shortage when parking for over 1 hour while operating the refrigeration unit. To overcome this problem, the driver should turn off the electric equipment on the car if not needed such as radios, lights, charging devices, … At the same time keep the engine speed of 1000 ~ 1400 rpm to increase power. charging into the car battery.

8. For Direct Drive Refrigeration Units, the lubricant and coolant level should be check regularly.

9. If you do not use the refrigeration unit for a long period of time, it is necessary to startup the the engine for at leastrun a 15-minute monthly to increase its lifespan. Do not arbitrarily charge refrigerated gas for it could cause damage to the entire cooling system.

10. Do not remove lead seals at places where Quyen Auto have sealed (condenser, gas charging ports,…).

11. If the vehicle or refrigeration unit has any problem, Call the hotline right away: 0938 909 317 (Mr. Phuong) or 0907 480 993 (Mr.Thanh) for advice and guidance.


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