Vision and Mission

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Quyen Auto strives to become a professional manufacturer – a leading supplier in the field of manufacturing and supplying vehicles and equipment for refrigerated transport in particular, and the global freight market in general.

Convey inspiration in the transport mission as a stream of energy in the flow of life “fullness – peace – happiness”

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We are determined to become a supplier – a powerful companion on our customers’ and business partners’ journey of sustainable growth. To that end, Quyen Auto will continue:

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To meet our customers’ demands, we strive to: 

  • Diversify our product lines with varied qualities and prices, which optimally offers more options for customers to consider
  • Distributing our range of products to different regions in Vietnam

Ensuring the product’s quality – the key to the trust of our customers ever since

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Expand cooperation and joint-venture opportunities, partnering with domestic and foreign partners on a healthy business relationship, promoting and supporting each other for mutual development

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Quyen Auto strives to as much positive contributions to society as we can

Firstly, with Vietnam's great economic potential, we are looking forward to form strong business partnerships to strengthen the national economy that can strongly compete among the international market.

Secondly, in order to face the environmental problems in Vietnam - one of the greatest concerns that go hand in hand with the economic growth, Quyen Auto is prioritizing production methods that minimize the risk of pollution, and having specific plans to help improve the environment in Vietnam.

Lastly, for the purpose of upholding the human factor in the development of society, Quyen Auto is creating non-stop employment opportunities with policies that help improve the living qualities of our employees.

In addition, we advocate for local community activities such as charities for poverty, providing scholarships for schools, ... to share the responsibility of improving people's lives.