About us

About Us

QUYEN AUTO is a designer – manufacturer – developer of truck bodies, applying international production standards with high quality, safety and stability.

QUYEN AUTO provides products and services for customers in the go transportation, especially seafood, agricultural, food, health, electronics, household appliances … goods that require high safety during the transportation process. To fully serve our customers needs, we create products such as: Refrigerated Truck Body, Insulated Truck Body, Dry (Freight) Truck Body, Covered Truck Body, Gullwing Body, Rear Lift Mounting Case, Sales Cart and other Specialize Trucks specifically designed for customer needs.

QUYEN AUTO always focuses on strict control in every detail of our proud products, from the input materials to the output products made through a closed production process. This emphasis is expressed through the selection of quality materials from better to the best quality through reputable domestic and foreign suppliers, such as Dow Chemical, Henkel, Elyplan, Lamilux, 3M , Avdel, … because more than anyone else, we understand that customers’ desire is to use the “right product – right quality – right value for investment”

Each product is created dedicatedly since QUYEN AUTO desire is to bring customers total satisfaction, meet the highest needs of use, and ensure the interests and the investment value of customers.